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Italy Bride and Groom Weddings is a wedding planning specialist offering the most beautiful locations and venues all over Italy and particularly on Italy’s stunning Cilento Coast. A neighbour to the Amalfi Coast, the Cilento Coast has been kept a well guarded secret by the Italians…and for good reason!

1st Prize


* Venue hire

* chairs

*wedding altar with decor

* aisle decor on the beach

* Celebrant

*Ceremony music

* Confetti

* Cutting the ribbon ceremony with prosecco toast

* Reception venue hire with –

– decor of lights

– candles

-table centre pieces

– Prosecco with wedding cake


€500 off selected wedding ceremony venues plus 2 free nights for venue visit tour Cilento Coast, valid 1 year.


2 free nights for venue visit tour Cilento Coast valid 1 year.

Ceremony will be on a beach in the Cilento region , just next door to Amalfi Coast.1.5 hours from Naples airport.


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3. Comment below with your wedding date and why you would like to win!

*Competition closes at midnight 31st July 2020. Prize To be booked by 15 September 2020. For May, June, September or October 2021 subject to availability. Decor included white with a touch of winners color theme. This competition is not associated with Instagram or Facebook. . 30-50 Guests.

Prize kindly provided by to whom all correspondence should be forwarded.

Good luck everyone! 

By Italy Bride and a Groom Weddings

‘Italy Bride and Groom Weddings’, Our love story with Italy waiting to be discovered. Italy Destination Wedding Planner service who dedicate themselves to you giving you the most amazing wedding imaginable. Look at this page for inspiration, advice and fabulous photographs. Gorgeous venues, secret places, hidden romantic locations waiting to be discovered from north to south and the Islands. We are English, based in Italy and full of passion and experience to help create an unforgettable dream wedding just for you. Come and visit selected venues on our Wedding Venue Tour any time throughout the year. I looking forward to hearing from you for a chat under no obligation at all. ‘Love’ is certainly in the air here in romantic Italy and we want to share that with you.

24 responses to “WIN a Wedding Ceremony in Italy!”

  1. Our wedding date is 22nd May 2021, we’d love to win because we have been together for 14 years and never seem to be able to organise a wedding! We also would love to visit Italy.

  2. Are wedding is the 16th of July 2021 we both hardly earn any money so to be able to win even just the holiday there would be the best

  3. Saturday September 11th 2021 in Italy would be the dream!

  4. My dream is a Italian wedding, Being half Italian and many family living there id love to spend the special day over there with my sister who lives in Salerno.
    13 years together & 3 children who are old enough to witness our big day and be part of it in there memory is all we wanted.. and now its time.
    We was due to be married in 2020 but due to Covid it couldnt happen! I am now planning a 2021 marriage but italy would be a dream for us! x
    Thanks for the amazing chance guys! entered. and done all the steps above too!

  5. We would love to get married in June or September. We have been together over 17 years and engaged for 7. It’s always been our dream to get married in Italy with the stunning scenery. It would be amazing to have our children with us now as flower girl and page boy.

    Thank you

  6. Although we are actually married, we’ve been together for so long (16 years married, together for 1000!!) we would love to renew our vows, my husband lost his wedding ring last year and I feel this is now a perfect opportunity to bless a new one,

  7. My fiance and I have been engaged for 3 years and a wedding abroad has always been a dream for both us but with our budget it is not an option.
    I would love to be able to give my bride to be the wedding of her dreams.
    Our preferred wedding date would he mid May or beginning of June.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  8. With recents events I am unsure if I will be able to go ahead with the wedding I have organised next June due to being unsure about where my business will be when I am able to get back to work again! This wedding sounds amazing and it would be a lit at the end of a very dark tunnel! Thankyou very much!

  9. We’d love a July wedding next year. We just had our little girl and have dreamt of a wedding in Italy for years 😍

  10. Thank you for giving us all the chance to enter this amazing competition, this is something so needed in these uncertain times.

    Myself and my partner have been together for six years and engaged for just over a year. We fell in love with the community and culture of Italy when we went on our first road trip together in 2016 and have always dreamed of getting married in Italy since.

    We moved to London three years ago and brought (a % of) a small property last year so we could try and save properly for our wedding. However, I was made redundant in my last job and struggled to find work, now I have a job but I am unsure what the future holds and am worried I may be made redundant again before I can put money away to save for our wedding.

    The opportunity to get married in one of our favourite places with our closets friends and family would mean the world to me as well as my partner. We want to get married on the 28th August 2021, but would be happy to be flexible too. Thank you!

  11. Hiya. I have been with my partner for 11 years now and have 2 beautiful children. Unfortunantly we both work full time but are unable to afford to get married which we would like more than anything, it would be lovely to all have the same name and to make our lives complete. I would love for my children to be part of our wedding well they are young and to enjoy it with us. Having years of bad luck I would love for our luck to change and have something good happen for me and my whole family xxx

  12. I just want to marry my best friend. With all the chaos in the world right now and my amazing friends having to unfortunately put their weddings back means I’m falling further and further back because of finances, and dates etc so this would be amazing to win.

  13. We’ve been engaged for 3 years. Everyone always asks when we’re getting married and when we are having children. Weve just found out we cant have children so this has been quite tough for us. I would like to have a wedding to give us something to plan for look forward too! Whenever I start planning our wedding I become overwhelmed. My finances are tight and my partner is always helping me pull ends together. I would love a wedding that mirrors my enthusiasm for our future but I can’t ask him to pay for all the pretty trimmings that I have pictured. No matter how we marry, I know we are destined for our happily ever after. But how incredible would it be if I could surprise the man who has given us so much without ever asking for? I would love to win our wedding in italy! Dream wedding location!

  14. My wedding was meant to be this summer but it was cancelled due to the corona virus 🙁

  15. This would be amazing to win. My partner and I were due to visit italy earlier this to select and book our dream venue but unfortunately that’s all been put on hold.
    We love italy, Rome was our first holiday together and where we got engaged so holds a special place in our hearts.
    We’re hoping to get married 03/09/21

  16. I’ve alway dreamed of a white wedding but since my dad died the thought has often felt bitter sweet. To get married in the country that he was born, would be a way to honour him on our special day. My 7 year old son would step into his shoes and walk me down the isle. We would look to get married on October 28 2021

  17. This would be an amazing prize for my partner & I, was due to get married this July. Although under current circumstances had to be cancelled. We are now due to get married July 2021. It’s been one really tough year for us as we have been living the dream in a static caravan. Trying to build our home under difficult circumstances. Would love to win this.

  18. I’ve alway dreamed of a white wedding but since my dad died the thought has often felt bitter sweet. To get married in the country that he was born, would be a way to honour him on our special day. My 7 year old son would step into his shoes and walk me down the isle. We would look to get married on October 28 2021.

  19. It would be a bellissimo matrimonio da sogno (beautiful dream wedding) to get married on 15th June 2021 in gorgeous Italy! I have been engaged for 8 years, and have two children with my fiance, Raymond. The perfect way to celebrate our love!

  20. I would love to surprise my partner with this – she had always dreamed of a wedding abroad and it would be the perfect start to our new life together.

  21. We have just bought a house so money for a wedding is way way off. This would be incredible for us both.

  22. This is such a great competition. Thank you for even doing this!

    The reason I would like to win is because me and my partner Fintan has always dreamed of a wedding in either France or Italy but have never had the money to do so. Currently we are only able to be married in a Registry Office but if I won this competition we could really make it a day to remember forever. I met my partner on September 15th 2017 after spending several months previous getting to know each other online through the same interests in online entertainment (and with what little spare time we had!). I am a busy nursery teacher and he is a busy distributor for the NHS. We are looking to be married on September 15th 2021 as that will be our 3rd year anniversary since we first met at Cork Airport in Ireland. We have always loved Italy and have visited Rome and Venice in the past 2 years spending as much time there as we can. Going to another part of Italy for such a special day would be tremendous and I would be forever grateful to Tie the Know and Italy Bride and Groom Weddings. It would also mean that a lot of my family and friends could reunite together for a special day where they haven’t seen each over in ages. Especially my elderly father who isn’t able to travel very often.

    Thank you for considering me and Fintan. Good luck to all people participating! <3

    Yuna (aka Jenny) and Fintan

  23. Hello

    This competition sounds AMAZING! Me and my childhood sweetheart have been together since we were 16 (now 30) and last year my partner Michael finally popped the question on our 13 year anniversary. We go to Italy every year for our anniversary and last year was extra special due to my partner contracting sepsis in the February time. Luckily he is fit and well and we now have our wedding to plan. We knew we wanted to get married in Italy as it’s been such a special place for us and when we first visited a good 6 or 7 years ago we fell in love it.

    I also have a venue dressing company called WOW Weddings, and have ran the business for over 5 years now. It’s been lovely planning and decorating other peoples wedding days and now I finally get the chance to plan my own. Although I have all the decorations and expertise if I were to get married in the UK, this is not what I dream of. I don’t want the stress and hassle of doing it myself and would love Italy to be the place. However, now with Covid 19 I now do not have any weddings booked in for this year, significantly reducing our income and the Italy dream is slipping further away.

    I saw your competition and it sounds amazing! We would love to get married on the 4th May 2021 (our 15 year anniversary) and we have around 50 guests so this really would be perfect!

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Many thanks
    Jenny and Michael

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