Weddings are the most awaited and memorable events in one’s life. Photography plays a pivotal role in encapsulating these precious moments and continuously evolves to adapt to adopt more innovative, creative, and sometimes unusual trends. Here, we explore 10 unconventional wedding photography trends that could add a touch of uniqueness to your special day.

1. Drone Photography 

Elevated, panoramic shots are no longer just for films – drone photography is increasingly becoming a staple in weddings. Drones capture unique angles and spectacular overhead shots, giving a cinematic feel to your wedding album. It’s not just about aerial views; drones can swoop in for intimate close-ups or follow the couple in their post-ceremony drive. 

2. Disposable Cameras 

Everything old is new again. The disposable camera trend is back, this time in wedding ceremonies. They are placed on each table, and guests are encouraged to snap candid moments throughout the celebration. Not only does this engage the guests, but it also results in an album of authentic, intimate, and sometimes hilarious memories captured on film. 

3. Underwater Shots 

Why stay dry when you can dive deep into creativity? Underwater photography is gaining traction for its surreal and artistic imagery. Couples donning their wedding attire and diving in for an unusual but extraordinary shoot that result in dream-like pictures that are sure to be remembered. 

4. Infrared Photography 

For those desiring a truly out-of-this-world wedding album, infrared photography might be your ticket. By capturing wavelengths of light unseen to the naked eye, this technique transforms ordinary landscapes into ethereal environments with white foliage and dreamy skies. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings. 

5. Vaping Imagery 

An unconventional and avant-garde trend that has emerged in wedding photography is the use of vapes to create mystical and evocative imagery. Captured under different lighting and angles, the resulting smoky aesthetic can give your wedding pictures a cool and edgy vibe. 

6. GIFs and Cinemagraphs 

In this digital age, why not have moving memories? GIFs and cinemagraphs are like still photos but better. They capture a sequence of moments in a loop, like your first dance or that hilarious bouquet toss, adding life and motion to your digital wedding album. 

7. Day-after Sessions 

Rather than rushing through post-wedding shots on the big day, couples are now opting for day-after photo sessions. With the stress and timeline pressures of the wedding day absent, these shoots capture the couple in a more relaxed state, and they often result in wonderfully genuine and emotive photos. 

8. Eco-friendly Photography 

As more couples become environmentally conscious, photographers are being asked to consider their carbon footprint. This can include things like using natural light instead of power-sapping studio lights, offering digital-only photo packages, and reducing the use of plastics in their operations. 

9. Dark and Moody Edits 

Veering away from the traditional bright and airy wedding photos, a new trend embraces darker, moodier edits. These photos employ deep shadows, muted colours, and intense contrasts to create a dramatic, vintage, and sometimes gothic aesthetic. 

10. Pre-wedding Documentary 

A blend of photography and storytelling, these pre-wedding documentaries capture the couple’s journey leading up to the wedding day. From the proposal to the dress fitting to the preparations, it’s a beautiful way of documenting not just a single day, but the entire love story. 

Whether you’re a wedding planner, a soon-to-be-married couple, or a professional photographer, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, and remember, the most important thing is that your photos should resonate with your own unique style and story. 

By Hannah

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