Since we launched Tie The Knot Wedding Directory, we have picked up many tips to help increase the SEO and website presence of our listed suppliers. These tips can help even if you are not in the wedding industry.

Utilise the space you are given

Many directories offer a full page to your business, so use it! A good guide to word count is a MINIMUM of 300 words. Many SEO experts have differing ideas on the ideal word count for Google to ‘pick up’ (and of course, their algorithms can change) but between 300 and 600 words is generally seen as good. These seem to be popular with Google, they like words!


Check how many images you are allowed to have (Tie The Knot Wedding Directory offers up to 5 for each listing) . Make sure you add as many as you are allowed. We add a link to EACH of your images back to your listing, to help more people to find you.

A good idea is to use the name of your company in at least one of your images (see below). They are self explanatory about what they offer.


Add ALL of your links!!!!! Tie The Knot Wedding Directory checks all links to ensure they are not broken (many are!) and often find when checking the website links, that a company have more links on their website than have been added to their listing. For example, they may be on Linkedin but haven’t added it. Beats me why???

Google My Business

If your business is listed on Google my Business, then add a link to it in your bio. You can also add your website and social media links AND VIDEOS in your bio too (especially if you are struggling with the word count).

See ours here

Submit your blogs

Tie The Knot Wedding Directory is happy for you to submit your blogs for consideration. Think of it as another listing to promote your business for free! *Free blogs are only available to our Platinum Members, please contact us for non membership rates.

For inspiration, take a look at some of our Guest Blogs here

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Multiple Listings

If you offer more than one service, consider a second or even third listing! You can link these back to your first (main) listing or keep them completely separate as you wish.

Review and refresh

Keep it fresh! Ensure you regularly check and review your listing, especially if you have more links to add, add new images and update your bio. reviewing your listings and increasing your word count! You can amend your listing with us any time.

Share, share, share!

It’s all about getting YOUR business seen and your target audience contacting you! Share any listing you have, not just once, but on a regular basis. Tie The Knot Wedding Directory shares for you, but to get ‘out there’ more, it’s important that you also share your listing. And tagging us in any posts, whether facebook, twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, will mean we can share even further.

Your success is our success!!

**** Many thanks to these fabulous wedding suppliers :-

Emerson Photography

LOV Flowers

Weddings in North Cyprus

Brittany West Photographer

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