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Four things to have at your wedding for the perfect party vibe

If there was ever a good excuse to throw a party, it’s got to be when you’re getting married. As you celebrate your union with all of your friends and family, it’s a great time for everyone to let their hair down and dance the night away. But there’s no reason you need to wait until after sundown to get the party going. To ensure your wedding is a memorable event from the start, you’ll want to weave some fun and creative elements into your day.

Here we run through four things to have at your wedding for the perfect party vibe. A dressing-up box

A dressing-up box is a great way to get your guests laughing. If you’re going for a theme for your day, you could choose costumes and props that reflect that, or just collect a selection of various extravagant items. Charity shops are a good place to search, as well as your parent’s attic. You’ll want to keep everything as sustainable as possible, so by reusing historic items you’ll be helping to avoid single-use plas…

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Toast to Love: How Customized Beverage Sleeves Can Elevate Your Wedding Experience

Your wedding day is considered to be the greatest day of your life. The memories created are going to be remembered throughout your life. What could help make this whole journey everlasting? A custom wedding koozie, an ultimate hack to keep your hands dry and drinks cold. This guide will explore why you should personalize your koozies and how it can elevate your whole wedding experience.      

The Beauty of Personalization:

Why settle for a standard design? Show your vibrant personality by speaking what’s in your mind. Personalized wedding koozies easily allow you to be an artist and design your dream wedding. Are you a hopeless romantic? Did she say yes? Are you a beach person? A musician, or minimalist? Customizing your return favors is an effective way to show your quirky side in any party setting. It’s an instant party starter and can help deepen friendships.      

Beyond The Looks:


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Dream Weddings in Greece

Dream Weddings in Greece: Exclusive Packages and Santorini Ceremonies

Greece, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and romantic ambiance, has long been a dream destination for couples seeking the perfect wedding backdrop. From ancient ruins to pristine beaches and charming villages, this Mediterranean gem offers an array of enchanting settings for saying "I do." Among the many idyllic locations in Greece, Santorini stands out as a favorite among couples worldwide for its breathtaking sunsets, iconic blue-domed churches, and cliffside views over the Aegean Sea. In this blog post, we'll explore the allure of weddings in Greece, delve into exclusive wedding packages, and discover the magic of tying the knot in Santorini.

The Allure of Greece for Destination Weddings

When it comes to destination weddings, Greece has a timeless allure that captivates couples seeking a blend of romance, adventure, and cultural immersion. Imagine exchanging vows again…

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Tie The Knot Wedding Directory

Welcome to Tie The Knot Wedding Directory!

We are a fast growing wedding directory, aiming to offer brides a superb collection of wedding services and businesses across the UK, Europe & beyond!

Tie The Knot Wedding Directory was established in 2017 and is proud to showcase many wonderful wedding venues and wedding suppliers.

Whether you are looking for a stunning venue, a talented photographer, a delicious cake designer or a fantastic florist, Tie The Knot Wedding Directory is here to make your wedding planning journey smooth and stress-free.

Photo courtesy of our Platinum Member LB Photography

One of the key advantages of using Tie The Knot Wedding Directory is that it brings together a diverse range of wedding services and businesses all in one place. Brides can browse through our extensive collection and discover hidden gems that they may not have found otherwise. Our directory is …

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10 Unusual Wedding Photography Trends to Look Out For 

Weddings are the most awaited and memorable events in one's life. Photography plays a pivotal role in encapsulating these precious moments and continuously evolves to adapt to adopt more innovative, creative, and sometimes unusual trends. Here, we explore 10 unconventional wedding photography trends that could add a touch of uniqueness to your special day.

1. Drone Photography 

Elevated, panoramic shots are no longer just for films - drone photography is increasingly becoming a staple in weddings. Drones capture unique angles and spectacular overhead shots, giving a cinematic feel to your wedding album. It's not just about aerial views; drones can swoop in for intimate close-ups or follow the couple in their post-ceremony drive. 

2. Disposable Cameras 

Everything old is new again. The disposable camera trend is back, this time in wedding ceremonies. They are placed on each table, and guests are encouraged to snap candid moments throu…

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The Best Classical Music for Weddings

The best classical music for weddings – from the people who know it best!

Looking for the perfect way to elevate your wedding ceremony? Want to avoid the cliché and obvious, but not bore everyone to tears? Here are the top 5 best classical pieces for weddings from Rawle and Shipley, the people who really know their classical wedding music.

For a spellbinding hush Locus Iste (Bruckner) – stop what you’re doing, turn everything off, and just listen to this. In this spine-tingling piece, the words are meant to bless the spot before something holy takes place there. The sense of perfect, transcendent harmony in this piece is absolutely indescribable. Choose this to cast a spell over your guests as you prepare to walk up the aisle. For a new take on tradition

2. Canon in D (Pachelbel) – Now this one you’ll know well. But before you dismiss it as over-done, consider a version sung by a choir rather than just the usual instrumental version. That’s so…

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How to have a wedding day to remember!

The question every couple wants the answer to, how to have the wedding day everyone will remember?

“I think it is empowering that couples are taking control of how they want to share the experience of their marriage. Couples from all backgrounds are realising they do not want to be told how to celebrate their love.”

What is the best way to remember something I hear you ask? Well, I can answer that question with my lifelong experience of being a teacher it is through experience. All the great teachers I have ever worked with have classes who are happy, enjoy what they are doing and always talk about their lesson with passion and feeling.

What does this have to do with a wedding ceremony?

I always feel when planning a ceremony, I want every couple to have the same emotions of being so happy doing something you love and enjoying every minute of the experience.

Everyone knows what a standard wedding looks like. There is nothing wrong with tha…

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Getting Married Abroad

Getting married abroad used to be just for the rich and famous but nowadays even those on a budget can achieve their dream sunshine wedding. The most important thing you need to consider is the legalities. Each country will have its own rules and regulations so it is very important for you to research what is required for your chosen location. I have been a planner in Northern Cyprus for 13 years and have planned weddings ranging from just 2 people in an old olive grove to 250 people at a 5-star hotel. The possibilities are endless and in most cases only confined to your own imagination. Having a wedding planner might seem to be a waste of money but the reality is that a planner can and will save you money. They know the area, the best venues, and the best suppliers. They can negotiate for you. Things to consider I can only comment on my own country where I work but it will be the same for whatever country you choose. Guest numbers So long as you give people enough advance w…
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Choosing Beautiful Wedding Venues in Glasgow 

Everyone will look forward to a wedding day. In addition to hearing the vows, the guests anticipate a beautiful wedding venue. Three of the most exquisite and reasonably priced places to visit in Glasgow will be highlighted in this article. 

Moreover, a wedding will never be complete without a ring. In case you are looking for a high-quality ring, stop by Bejouled in Glasgow for some ideas. 

Top Three Wedding Venues In Glasgow  Pollok House

A historic location like this is ideal for weddings. It has a serene setting with a beautiful backdrop of gardens. Its idyllic setting is large enough to accommodate numerous guests and additional decorations. Pollok House is the best location for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Image from National Trust Scotland

Trades Hall

Glasgow's Trades Hall is made for exclusive weddings. This is an indoor space that can accommodate 250 peop…

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6 Ways to Save For Your Elopement

Elopements are frequently viewed as a more inexpensive alternative to lavish weddings. There are still a lot of things to think about while organizing an elopement, such as the location, season, attendees, and vendors you will use on your wedding day. Elopement costs cannot be predetermined because each circumstance is unique. Many couples are now aware that they don't need to spend a fortune to elope. There are several ways to cut costs while still having the elopement of your dreams. The top 6 ways to save for your elopement while still having a lovely ceremony within your means are listed in this article.


Elopements are frequently viewed as a more inexpensive alternative to lavish weddings. There are still a lot of things to think about while organizing an elopement, such as the location, season, attendees, and vendors you will use on your wedding day. Elopement costs cannot be predetermined because each circumstanc…

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9 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Simple

Weddings are a time-honored tradition steeped in meaning and significance, and many couples feel like they need to have a huge, over-the-top ceremony to make it memorable. But that's not always the case! If you’re not one for big crowds and elaborate events, there are plenty of ways to keep your wedding simple and intimate without sacrificing the magic or excitement.

Keep your guest list short and sweet

Having a smaller guest list can help minimize the amount of work that goes into planning and executing the perfect wedding day. In addition, it can also help to keep costs down. Think carefully about who you want to invite, and don't be afraid to cut out any extras. Remember, it's your day, and the ones who should be present are only those who will make it special for you.

If you want to keep things more intimate, you can consider having a destination wedding with only close family and friends.

Choose a venue that doesn’t require a lot of decora…
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Destination Weddings in Greece – local information for your guests

You have chosen the perfect spot for your destination wedding in Greece. You have booked your wedding planner, your venue and all your carefully handpicked suppliers. Now it is the time to think about your guests. What information can you provide for your guests so that they can start planning their summer holiday in Greece. Where to stay, what to do, what to pack? Really all the information that they will need so that they can get the most out of their holiday. After all, they have taken the decision to support you on your special day and fly to Greece for your destination wedding.

Local Information

Send all your guests the link to the official tourist website of the area you have chosen. For example, if you are planning a destination wedding in Athens https://www.thisisathens.org/There they will find all the information they will need on sites of interest to visit and what’s on in the local area. There will also be a list of important telephone numbers, detai…

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