It’s time to start planning your special day! The million and one details to think about can be overwhelming without even thinking about the mark your wedding will have on the environment. Use these five tips to help eliminate the stress of your environmental impact and make your eco-friendly wedding extra special.

Eco-friendly Wedding Stationery 

Have you thought about sending your wedding invitations digitally? We all know they end up in the bin anyways! But, if you would prefer printed invitations, choose recycled paper wedding invitations or plantable wedding stationery. There’s something special about your guests planting and watching their invitations blossom whilst you head off on honeymoon.

Alt Text: Green Manatee’s recycled paper wedding invitation

Image: Green Manatee 

Local Wedding Suppliers 

When planning your big day seek out local, independent wedding suppliers and businesses that source local products. Not only will it reduce carbon emissions whilst contributing to the local economy, your wedding flowers and food will taste and look fresher too. Take a look at the locally sourced eco-friendly wedding gifts and favours available at Green Manatee!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours & Biodegradable Confetti 

Make eco-conscious decisions when selecting your wedding favours and confetti! Choose natural biodegradable confetti such as dried flower petals or seeds, it suits any theme and can be used for decoration too.

When choosing your wedding favours stay away from single-use items and choose reusable, edible and eco-friendly wedding favours. Have you thought about soy wax candles? They can be used as table décor and favours, two in one! 

Green manatee eco-friendly wedding favours

Image: Green Manatee

Eco-Friendly Wedding Food

When choosing your wedding menu, consider dishes that will use seasonal produce and ideally have vegetarian or vegan elements. Even if you would like a meat main course, why not go veggie for your starter or have vegan desserts?

Please don’t over-cater and ideally avoid buffets and oversized wedding cakes which generate so much waste. If there is left over food, encourage your guests to take some home with them or donate it to a food bank or homeless shelter. 

Eco Wedding Decorations

First things first, if you’re only going to use the decorations for one day, hire them! 

Ideally choose a wedding venue with outside space, or a space that can bring the outdoors in. Foliage, and seasonal, local flowers reduce the need for additional decorations, especially when the beauty of nature is already there (and free!). 

When it comes to decorating the inside of your venue, decorate your tables using soy wax candles or naturally scented reed diffusers. Say no to balloon arches! Replace them with arches made from locally grown and seasonal flowers. 

Green Manatee pink floral eco wedding decoration

Image: Green Manatee

Plan a wedding that leaves a mark in people’s memories, not the earth! 

By Kacey Keane 

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By Green Manatee

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