Preparing for your wedding shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! We take a look at the main suppliers you need to consider to create your perfect wedding ceremony. This list is to inspire you and is by no means exhaustive – there are some unique niche wedding suppliers out there too

• Venue

• Wedding officiant (registrar, celebrant or minister)

• Photographer

• Videographer and/or drone pilot

• Wedding planner, event co-ordinator or wedding stylist

• Caterer

• Specialist stations (donut, chocolate fountain, children’s corner etc)

• Specialist cake maker

• Florist

• Hair dresser

• Makeup artist

• Special occasion car

• Wedding crafts and signage

• DJ and/or musician

Should I decide on a wedding date before contacting suppliers?

The first question you will be asked by any supplier is, “What is the date of your wedding?” Unless you are booking your wedding date a long time in advance, by avoiding bank holidays and weekends, you will open up the availability possibilities of your suppliers.

What should I consider when choosing my wedding venue?

In the UK if your registrar is also offering you a ceremony at an approved premises they will provide you with a list. With your legal marriage contracted, you also have the option of a celebrant-led wedding ceremony which is not restricted and opens up every location and venue possibility imaginable – including a destination wedding overseas!

Can my friend take the photos at my wedding?

With so many mobile phones taking high quality images these days the temptation is to say yes when a friend offers to take your photos. Back that truck right up! Definitely leave the photography to the professionals! They know exactly how to capture every special nano-second and loving look during your special day. Professional photographers and videographers are used to working closely with your other suppliers to ensure that you can relax as your day flows smoothly – from your pre-wedding preparation photos to your “just married” driving off into the sunset shots.

Do I need a wedding planner?

If you want to fully relax and not worry about your fairy lights blowing a fuse, exactly when to fill the champagne glasses or if anyone has thought to make sure your photographer has had something to eat then seriously consider a wedding planner, event coordinator or wedding stylist. Stress free planning is one thing but being confident that everything is being handled for you on your wedding day can be priceless.

What suppliers do I need to see before my wedding?

The suppliers you want very much depend on the type of wedding ceremony you have in mind and the kind of couple you are! You can have lots of fun on the run up to your wedding. Caterers or venues might offer you a menu tasting. Photographers can do some informal pre-wedding shots with you so you are relaxed in front of the camera on your big day. There are dress and suit fittings to go to and with decisions on your accessories and shoes. If booking a hairdresser and makeup artist, you might also like to organise a practice session before your big day so they get your “look” right. Your independent celebrant will even take time to get to know you and write a bespoke ceremony for you incorporating whatever wording and rituals or customs you would like.

Your ultimate list of suppliers all depends on what your idea of the perfect wedding ceremony is – so save that date and start looking at those directory listings!

Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is an award winning celebrant officiating weddings, elopements and vow renewals in the Spanish sunshine

Photo credits:

Wedding Planner: Mar Aday

Photographers: Toni Bonet and Lara Jackson

Wedding celebrants: Debbie Skyrme and Wendy Sherwood

Florist: El Rincon de Los Flores

Hair stylist: Cesar Morillas

Makeup artist: Violeta Carvajal

Bridal fashion: Rafa García

Groom’s fashion: BXS

Hair accessories: Cala by Lilian

Venue: Palacete de la Najarra Models: Olalla, Estefania, Carmen, Aitana, Migue, Jesus,

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By CelebrantSpain

I am Debbie Skyrme, an international award winning bilingual celebrant officiating weddings, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies across Spain. As an experienced former UK Registrar I am now delighted to officiate symbolic ceremonies as an Independent Celebrant in Spain. With my trademark warm smile and a gentle sense of fun I celebrate wedding ceremonies in some of the most beautiful venues and locations in the Mediterranean. Your destination wedding may be closer than you think!