When you begin planning your wedding, friends and family will want to help as much as possible. Someone with a relatively expensive camera may even offer their services and time, free of charge. So why should you book a professional wedding photographer? Here are 5 reasons.


Experience comes in two forms; the experience your wedding photographer has, and the experience they give you on your wedding day.

A professional wedding photographer will have experience of working at past weddings. They’ll know how the timeline works, where to be and when, and how to react quickly in any situation. They’ll be able to work with difficult lighting situations to capture your day perfectly.

Hiring a professional also means you’ll get a seamless experience while being photographed. The group shots will run smoothly, you’ll be comfortable when getting in and out of poses and being photographed won’t feel like a chore.


When you book a professional wedding photographer, you can be certain you’ll get the quality you’re paying for. Professional suppliers put a lot of work into their final products and honing their skills. They make sure every detail is perfect. This means you will only ever receive photographs that are of the highest quality.

Quality doesn’t just apply to the photographs themselves. Some wedding album suppliers only work with professional photographers. If you choose not to book a professional wedding photographer, you may be compromising the quality of your wedding album too.

Plan B

Nobody likes to think things will go wrong, but they do. From corrupt memory cards to dropping the whole camera, there are lots of things that can happen to equipment on a wedding day. Professional photographers will have duplicate cards, back up cameras and lenses, and the insurance to cover any damages to equipment. So even if something did go wrong, it wouldn’t affect your final wedding photographs.

Professional photographers will also have a plan in place in case they’re ill on your wedding day. This usually involves having another photographer that they trust on standby – something that you won’t have if you choose to ask a friend to capture your day.


When you book a professional wedding supplier you can be certain they’ll be where they said they’d be, and they’ll be on time. There’s usually a contract that highlights all the details of your day, including timings.

You can also trust that they’ll deliver all your images within the timeframe they’ve given you. You can rely on them to capture every image you’ve asked for, including the small details of your day in the highest quality possible.

Peace of mind

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Choosing a professional wedding photographer means you can relax and enjoy your day. You can leave them to their job without feeling the need to keep half an eye on them to make sure they’re okay.

You know they have all the backup equipment needed, that they can confidently work through the group shots, give you a good overall experience, and capture you enjoying your day.

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