So, you have chosen the beautiful country of Greece for your destination wedding and now you are feeling just a little overwhelmed. Perhaps you are wondering what the next steps should be? When you are getting married in Greece, you just need to answer some of the following questions. Once you have done that, everything else will start to fall in to place and you will have made a start!

What type of wedding are you planning?

Elopement style-just you as a couple

Micro wedding- you and less than 20 guests

Classic wedding-20+ guests

Are you still hunting down the perfect venue?

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Having trouble choosing the best Greek Island for you?

Do you prefer the Greek mainland?

TOP TIP Both Athens and Thessaloniki have international airports.

Are you looking for a popular Island with loads of organised activities for friends and family members? Some great examples are Rhodes, Crete, Corfu

Do you need child friendly options? Waterparks, all-inclusive kid’s clubs, jeep safaris… Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Kos

Is it all about the nightlife? Choose a lively Island, with a wide assortment of bars and clubs. Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Kos, Corfu

Would you like to hold your wedding ceremony on a tiny Greek Island where you will feel like you are stepping back in time? Around every corner simple whitewashed buildings, with shiny blue doors, hidden beaches. No supermarkets, night clubs or A Lister accommodation. Paros, Symi, Kastellorizo, Kythira, Milos, Chalki to name just a few!

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TOP TIP Many small Islands are accessible by ferry from the main port of Piraeus, Athens or via ferries from other larger Islands.

Are you considering a stunning beach wedding?

TOP TIP NO you cannot just show up at any beach and organise your own wedding. You will need permission normally from the local beach bar, or taverna or the hotel which has the official rights to that area. Your wedding planner can advise you of any official beach wedding venues.

Choosing the type of ceremony will be key to your venue decision.

What type of ceremony?

Legal civil marriage (official documents must be presented according to the requirements)

Venue options for a legal civil marriage

Limited to the local town hall, some hotels and some official venues. It depends on the local registrar and the arrangements that they have made in their prefecture. Your WP will advise you.

Religious Greek Orthodox Wedding-Religious Catholic Wedding (for couples of Greek Orthodox or Catholic faith- all official documents must be presented according to the local requirements. Your WP will advise you.)

Venue options for a religious wedding are a Greek Orthodox Church or a Catholic Church

Symbolic wedding

Venue options are pretty much unlimited when the symbolic wedding is officiated by a wedding celebrant. So, poolside at the holiday villa, on the beach, at a cool funky beach bar, at your favourite local taverna, you get the gist, almost anywhere, provided that the venue gives you permission of course!

Here is a great checklist to help you plan a celebrant led symbolic wedding ceremony in Greece.

TOP TIP With a celebrant led symbolic wedding ceremony in Greece there are no legal documents done on the day. Most couples will do the official marriage paperwork at their local registry office back home and then this will free them up for a ceremony with unrestricted venues, no time limits, no generic scripts. Perfect for the uncertain times that we live in offering all couples much more flexibility.

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Where to hold the party? Do you want to dance on into the early hours? Are you dreaming of classic Greek flavours? Is it ‘just the two of you’? Would you like to set sail for a romantic sunset cruise? Let’s put the champagne on ice!

TOP TIP Yacht micro weddings and elopements are trending in Greece. A ceremony on board, now what could be more romantic than that?

What to wear?

TOP TIP Don’t forget the heat. And if you choose a beach wedding, definitely don’t forget the sand! Your guests will thank you for advising them to wear flat shoes at the ceremony.

Flowers paper or natural? Both choices can be equally beautiful. Select the florals according to your budget. Some couples will choose to keep costs down and bring artificial garlands with them from home, often reselling them on site to couples planning a wedding on a later date.

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Wedding planner or not?

It is always wise to work with a wedding planner when planning a wedding abroad. A wedding planner is worth their weight in gold and can assist you with all aspects of planning a destination wedding in Greece.

TOP TIP Definitely hire a wedding planner in Greece if you are submitting legal documents.

Which month to choose?

Budget, school holidays and days off work will be the main things to consider when choosing the date of your wedding in Greece.

The summer season in the Greek Islands operates from May until the end of October with July, August and September being the high season months. This will be reflected in the prices and of course the heat (40 degrees plus is quite commonplace in Greece in August).

During the summer season there will be direct charter flights from Europe to the larger popular Greek Islands and of course there are direct flights into Athens and Thessaloniki all year round.

So, to sum up! The 3 most important things to do to make a start when planning a destination wedding in Greece are.

  • Choose and book your wedding planner.
  • Confirm your date, ceremony time and venue.
  • According to your ceremony type, book an officiant for your special day.

Greece has something for everyone. Wonderful weather, stunning views, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, fabulous flavours and so much amazing history. It is the perfect choice for any couple planning a wedding abroad.

Sarah Celebrant

Grecian Ceremonies– Creating lifelong memories-Sarah Hatjipavlis-Celebrant in Greece

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