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Welcome to our Brand Ambassador Portal

Do you love showcasing your wedding business on Tie The Knot Wedding Directory? Would your friends in the wedding industry benefit from some help in increasing their web & social media presence with a listing with us too?

Become a Brand Ambassador for us and earn a generous commission by telling your contacts about us!

Simply create your account to generate your unique link, add it to your website and share on your social media network.

*** Competitive & Unlimited Earnings – All Brand Ambassadors will earn 10% and PLATINUM Members will earn a fabulous 20%  on all successful paid listing referrals.   (How to become a Platinum Member)

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple:

1. Register to become a Brand Ambassador to create your unique link, then go to ‘ADS’ to     choose your image.

2. Copy & share your code on your website and share to your social media networks.

3. If your visitors join us and places a listing, you will receive commission.

(GOOD NEWS: the listing does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored up to a configurable amount of time) The listing will be registered as a referral for you and you will receive commission for this sale.  If your visitor chooses a Silver Listing (which is free) and subsquently upgrades to a Platinum or Gold Listing during the cookie duration, the listing will be registered to you and will generate commission.  

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