Getting married abroad used to be just for the rich and famous but nowadays even those on a budget can achieve their dream sunshine wedding.

The most important thing you need to consider is the legalities. Each country will have its own rules and regulations so it is very important for you to research what is required for your chosen location.

I have been a planner in Northern Cyprus for 13 years and have planned weddings ranging from just 2 people in an old olive grove to 250 people at a 5-star hotel. The possibilities are endless and in most cases only confined to your own imagination.

Having a wedding planner might seem to be a waste of money but the reality is that a planner can and will save you money. They know the area, the best venues, and the best suppliers. They can negotiate for you.

Things to consider

I can only comment on my own country where I work but it will be the same for whatever country you choose.

Guest numbers

 So long as you give people enough advance warning then they can book their holidays to coincide with your wedding. You will be surprised just how many of your friends and family will make that effort to be there.

Being realistic

You need to remember that in most cases weddings abroad are outside and temperatures in high summer here can often reach the 40s so consider this when thinking about where you want to hold your ceremony and the timing. It is not fair on you or your guests to be sitting on a beach with no shade for almost an hour, even longer with photos.

Location Location Location

Choosing a venue that is not too far away from where you and your guests are staying is so important. The day goes by so fast so you want to limit the traveling time.

Have your day your way

You only get one chance at this day so make sure that you stay in control but also listen to your planner because they know for example if peonies are available in August or whether you can set off fireworks.


Please only use these images as inspiration but always remember that the majority of these images are not real, they are layered and layered by filters.

A good wedding planner takes on many different hats during the wedding build-up, Advisor, Friend, Sounding board, Confidant, and many many more so whoever you choose as your wedding planner then make sure you have some kind of connection from the start.

Planning any wedding is hard but planning a wedding abroad can be 10 times harder so it is so important that you have someone on the ground that knows the local language, traditions and that can guide you through each stage.

A wedding abroad can work out much cheaper than you could imagine which is why thousands of couples are now choosing to marry abroad and as an added bonus you get your honeymoon thrown in.

Whatever country you choose just make sure you have the very best time and take nothing but happy memories away with you.

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By WeddingsinNorthCyprus

I have been a wedding planner here in North Cyprus for the last 12 years and have helped so many lovely couples to achieve their dream day in the sun. Planning a destination wedding can be a minefield but our aim is to provide you with all the information so You can make the right choices to suit you as a couple. I am very passionate about my job and will always go that extra mile for my couples.