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January 8, 2018

So we mentioned that we like a good theme. That doesn’t mean tacky and gaudy like it sounds.

It could be simple, like a colour scheme or a  subtle reference (I had rainbow pastel colours with Harry Potter table names 😁). You could choose to have a more obvious, but still classy theme – Disney has been a popular request for us, from Beauty and the Beast to Up!

So you know what you want, but are you having a little trouble visualising it or bringing it to life?

That’s where we come in! One of the reasons we like to offer a bespoke service is because we really love to get creative. We love your classic traditional weddings and creating a bit of grandeur but we also love quirky and different 😁

It’s a tough choice to decide on what you want for your big day (knowing that you’ll be able to see and cherish it in your wedding album forever!) and we would genuinely love to help you!

Of course we don’t just do weddings, we also do events, birthdays, Christenings, Christmas, retirements, engagements…

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