My wife Sara and I performed hundreds of these shows with Opera Arias, Duetti, but also Neapolitan and pop songs, like “Con te partirò” and “Adagio”, and we have gained a great experience with a wide variety of public of almost all nationalities from European, Chinese, Korean or American public requiring a broader repertoire.

We have always received long standing ovations and some enthusiasts from Europe and Japan have also opened some Fan Clubs in our honor. 

These shows were created with excellent musical bases directed by me and recorded with the collaboration of some orchestras of the East where we went to have the best effect on the public.

We have 4 types of different shows, with an average duration of 1 hour and with the following titles:


Each of these is created to give to the public the sensation of attending small scenes from Operas or Songs with each Aria, settings with Video, Lights and with Musical Basics and not to make them to miss a real orchestra, moreover much more expensive.

Anyway we should also perform the same show with a little or big orchestra.

Regarding the technical part, what is needed is: 

1) Audio system including mixers and speakers of the watts suitable for the location, microphones and wireless headphones suitable for the location where the show will be performed and related technicians.

2) A Screen and projector, also suitable for the size of the hall or theater and related technicians. 

3) Lighting system, possibly computerized and related technicians.

I enclose our Curricula Vitae and an example of the 4 type of shows.

Our site is :

  Con Te Partirò Shows | Sara & Gio Official Website

Sito Ufficiale del Soprano Sara Pretegiani e del Tenore M° Giovanni Battista Palmieri


Con Te Partirò Shows | Sara & Gio Official Website



and my personal youtube site is :

Tenore Giovanni Battista Palmieri – YouTube



Of course we are also available for Weddings and any party.

For any other clarification I remain available,

Waiting for Your nice reply I send You our best regards.

Have a good day,

Giovanni Battista Palmieri

M° Giovanni Battista Palmieri

via circonvallazione, 103

 35044 Montagnana 

( Italia )


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