​Christine O’Malley
Independent Celebrant


You’ve decided to get married – so how do you let the world know ?

The classic way is to put an announcement into the paper but just in case people miss it take a photo and send it out on social media.

Wear  it !  Have matching tee shirts made and wear them on a night out with friends.  That should get the conversation going.

Go high tech and make a video.  There are lots of sites where you can create a video for free. Making the video can be great fun – choose some of your favourite places and songs and get creative. When you are done – publish on social media.

Send a card.  Again there are a number of sites where you can  create a postcard to send to anywhere.  Useful if your family and friends are scattered across the world.

Or go all out and have an aeroplane  banner !

Which ever way you choose the announcement is just the beginning of a whole new chapter.  Congratulations !!

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