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Brides & Butterflies

By Chris O'Malley, Civil Celebrant Symbolic actions - Butterfly release According to Native American folk lore if you catch a butterfly, make a wish and then release the butterfly the Great Spirit will hear your wish and grant it. The butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and colour. There are specialist companies who will provide butterflies for ceremonies. I would advise only releasing native butterflies at a time of year when they would normally be active. On the same theme you could also consider releasing doves. White Doves are a symbol of purity. When release by a couple they can be a visual representation of the new journey on which the couple are embarking, leaving behind the past and moving into the future. The doves are trained to return to their owner. They are are delivered to the ceremony either in a decorative cage or basket which can be opened at the appropriate time. ​ Which would you prefer at your wedding? Tell us To find …
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Themes and Dreams

Themes and dreams by Bows & Joy Ltd                    

January 8, 2018

So we mentioned that we like a good theme. That doesn’t mean tacky and gaudy like it sounds.

It could be simple, like a colour scheme or a  subtle reference (I had rainbow pastel colours with Harry Potter table names 😁). You could choose to have a more obvious, but still classy theme - Disney has been a popular request for us, from Beauty and the Beast to Up!

So you know what you want, but are you having a little trouble visualising it or bringing it to life?

That’s where we come in! One of the reasons we like to offer a bespoke service is because we really love to get creative. We love your classic traditional weddings and creating a bit of grandeur but we also love quirky and different 😁

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A Wedding in Provence

  The beautiful village of Gordes is set on a hilltop in the Vaucluse, on the western side of Provence. It has been called one of the prettiest villages in France.  The Bastide de Gordes is a lovely luxury hotel nestling into the hillside, with garden terraces below. A perfect spot for a wedding! We conducted two wedding ceremonies there this summer. The first was in June for Claire and Richard, whose twin sons stole everyone’s hearts. The second was in July, for Su-Ann and Francis who had travelled all the way from Malaysia with their families to celebrate their wedding in Provence. It was a very hot day with a strong warm breeze blowing across the gardens. In fact the breeze was so strong that a sudden gust caught hold of Su-Ann’s veil in the middle of the ceremony and carried it up into the air and over the terrace wall where it then fell down 20m to the little road below. Luckily, one of the hotel staff used the service lift to dash off to retrieve it and w…
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