Nominated by 24 of my lovely brides and grooms is a terrific honour to become Wedding Celebrant of the Year (West Midlands) in the Global Wedding Awards 2024. This is because we can create your ceremony so full of heart, love and so true to you both, together will write the best wedding ceremony that yourselves and your guests have witnessed, your special day.

I will help/advise you along your journey, your wedding is unique and suited only to you. When we meet, and we will meet at least once if not a hundred times, we’ll chat about your ceremony, about how it can be unique, individual, special and unforgettable. But at the end of the day, put your trust in me, and we will create the best ceremony ever.

It would be great if we could meet up at some stage, we can agree on a mutual time, there are no time limits, I will visit you any day any time. (and its free with no obligation)

This meeting its about getting to know each other and ensuring I am the right Celebrant for your special day. We can discuss your ideas and what your expectations are, I can explain what I will bring to you both.

We can discuss any  Pagan/Celtic/Druid elements that can be added to your ceremony (there are many and are a lovely addition), we can even create your own if need be.

Your wedding ceremony can be awesome, and enjoyable! More than anything let’s have fun and definitely pull on my heartstrings!
Your about to take a journey on one of life’s greatest and special moments, lets create a wonderful ceremony, the kind of ceremony that people come away from and say “wow”.

It will be lovely to chat with you
Many Thanks

Nigel Bould Wedding Celebrant

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