Top 3 reasons why you should renew your vows

There is a growing trend for couples who are already married to make a new commitment to each other and renew their vows, often spending much more on their vow renewal ceremony than their original wedding! One award winning celebrant looks at the main reasons for the increase in vow renewal ceremonies.

⦁ Your first wedding was out of your hands Whilst the term “arranged marriage” usually applies to two partners being chosen for each other by their families, an “arranged wedding” describes families taking over the organisation of the ceremony from the couple – both can be very good reasons for a vow renewal further down the line. Arranged weddings How many couples have had the organisation of their wedding taken out of their hands by well-meaning parents who are often footing the bill? Perhaps the guest list included distant family members and friends of the couple’s parents with a “traditional” ceremony at a “traditional” venue. Sound familiar?!?

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How to choose your wedding rings

If you are looking for wedding rings this simple guide by How Fine Designs will help you choose your perfect ring styles.

Choosing your wedding rings is such an important task, because long after your wedding day, your rings remind you of the love and trust you have for each other. This will tell you about the different styles and make it easier for you to decide what sort of rings you really want. 

Traditional or D shape

Ring Styles

This is flat inside next to your finger and curved on the outside. A traditional choice for wedding rings.

Round or Halo

A round section ring is completely round. It is also known as a halo ring as it has no flat sides, so it looks like an angel's halo. Quite a dainty style in narrow sizes.

Court or Oval 

This is an oval profile ring, wider in height and narrower in depth, with gently curved edges.

Comfort or Inverted D shape 

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Guide to Wedding Flowers by Silk Flower House

Our Guide to Wedding Flowers and Essential Checklist is now available to download from our website

We have listed all the possible people and places that you may need flowers, but how many or how few of each you will need will depend on the type and size of your wedding and your budget. This could range from as little as a Bridal Bouquet and Buttonhole for the Groom to everything listed.

The choice is yours!

Take a look through and make notes of your ideas (such as flowers/colours/theme/style) and the number of each item you need. This will also help bring into focus the size and style of the wedding, numbers of guests, colours etc, how you want your wedding to be and how it will fit in with your budget.

Click here for your FREE Checklist where you will find the downloadable link.

This great guide is super easy to use and very helpful. You can print it off to share…

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Fresh ideas for your Wedding Breakfast

Offer your guests something a little different!  Your choice of catering is as personal as you are so consider your favourites, as well as traditional wedding options. Pie and Mash Pie and Mash  provides not only delicious pie and mash, but also canapés, starters and desserts. Pie and Mash provides meals from a  converted horse trailer so can help if your reception is outside, even in a field!  Sit down meals are also offered.

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Bay Tree Foods Bay Tree Foods offers catering to suit all tastes, budgets and diets. Bay Tree Foods also offer canapes, hot and cold buffets, barbecues, hog / lamb roasts, picnics, tea parties, 3 course meals and cheese wedding cakes! It’s your day so do it your way!

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To complement your wedding breakfast, meet Mabel at The Mane Bar!    ‘Mabel’ , a vintage horse trailer was rescued after she was abandoned i…
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Gardner T Hamilton

I have been a Professional Wedding photographer for 29 years. I often analyze myself with "What's my style" and "do I have a style" type of questions but after years of travelling and shooting with such a diverse range for clients, cultures, ceremonies and traditions it is clear that my couples are my style . The couples who reserve me do so because we are compatible as people and the result is then mutually pleasing. As with this array of wedding images from around the globe I always look for the possibility to include something personal to each couple, be it their love for Chess, Skiing, music, cycling or even super hero's. An image with a personal connotation becomes more and more valued by couples as time goes on. After over 1000 wedding assignments completed it is clear for me that telling the story of the wedding to the Bride and Groom through images has become rather easy now , after all, they wrote and star in the story, so I always chal…
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