Book a Luxury Cigar Bar with Revolutionary Cigars and add class to your wedding or any event. Our Cigar Bar is a great surprise for the Groom and guests. We supply pure Cubans and ensure only the most premium luxury cigars are offered to our clients.

Service Includes –

– Two staff members for the duration of the reception. Dressed for the occasion; and will engage with the guests.

– 100 Cuban Cigars free for guests, and everything required for the Cigars e.g. cutters, lighters and ashtrays.

– XXXXL Cigars only for posing and photos etc.

– Personalised Cigar bands, to add that special touch.

– Only £500 –

We also offer Wedding Cigar Usherettes and Live Cigar Rolling services to create an opulent luxury Wedding or Event.

We now also provide the exclusive Millionaire package, this is truly one for the most extravagant in taste. The Millionaire package is a remarkable experience, a truly opulent service. The service only includes our 24CT Gold Leaf Cigars that are individually hand made, they are then finished with our unique 24CT Gold Leaf. Created to the Revolutionary Cigars highest standards, these are truly amazing cigars that, ash gold when smoked.

The Millionaire package is fit for a Royal event, with the most professional and sophisticated hosts that present this memorable experience.

Revolutionary Cigars

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