Shine Bright Celebrant Glynis Wozniak brings fun, creativity and a host of performance and healing techniques to help raise your confidence and self esteem so that you shine bright at your exquisite wedding ceremony of heart, life and soul.

I am such a creature of contrasts: I love nature; metaphysics and the spiritual world yet I love glamour and sparkles and luxury goods. I think that I simply love Life in all its forms and I love love and uplifting people.

Being an actor and performer by profession, I am adept at writing and enjoy getting to know couples on a deep level so as to create the most personal ceremony that wholly reflects who you are.

As I used to have a kindergarten, I love to include children in the ceremony and, of course, if desired, I can even perform at your ceremony and older songs are my speciality. I have had many a mother tapping her toes, or a grandpa in tears at beautiful memories.

I love honesty and emotions in all their forms – from deep laughter, to heartfelt tears … and I always bring a hankie for the couple

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