Ready to make a grand entrance at your wedding? Buckle up for The Electric Wedding Car Co.’s exclusive Tesla wedding car service in North East England! Our top-tier Tesla electric supercars are the ultimate ride for couples who want to turn heads and leave a mark on their big day. Best part? You can ride in style without breaking the bank, thanks to our unbeatable prices!

Established in 2022 by husband and wide duo Kevin and Tania, The Electric Wedding Car Co. was born out of a desire to provide soon-to-be-married couples with a truly breathtaking hyper-modern alternative to the traditional classic wedding car experience.
Our Tesla cars are nothing short of extraordinary. Just take a moment to admire our stunning Model X, complete with its distinctive “Falcon Wing” rear doors, which provides the easiest and most comfortable entry and exit for a bride and her dress like no other car.
Located in Washington, Tyne & Wear. we are able to provide our services across the North of England, including Cumbria and North Yorkshire.
While wedding dresses and venues might understandably be at the top of most couples’ wedding to-do lists, when the big day arrives, you’ll find immense comfort in knowing that your wedding transportation will be handled with the utmost professionalism, all within the silent and comfortable confines of the most technologically advanced cars since the days of the Model T Ford.”

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