Perched on the edge of an historic waterway  – the ‘mill race’ on Kelham Island – complete with kingfishers and bullrushes – The Chimney House with its 93ft chimney and beautiful original redbrick is often described as ‘iconic’. Traced back to 1886 – Former residents include an elephant and steel rolling mill workers – so it sits beautifully in a historic setting – as well as a modern and inspiring place to celebrate!

Coming into The Chimney House is like being welcomed into a friend’s home…Cosy and welcoming – the building gives you a big hug on arrival! We restored the building to its former original beauty – all redbrick, fireplaces and stone stairs. You’ll find leafy green living plants on every surface and we style with fresh British blooms and stacks of candlesticks. All furniture is either custom made by us or design classics or antiques.

Kelham Island is all about incredible industrial heritage – which you’ll find all around The Chimney House set next to the bustling scene that is growing up around both sides of the River. Plenty of hidden gems for beautiful photo ops and secret places to explore.

Ceremonies take place in The Meeting Room of The Chimney House – but guests have access to The Living Room and The Front Room. We custom style a resplendent altar with an abundance of seasonal British blooms and candles for the ceremony to take place in front of – while up to 50 guests relax on design classics including our cantilever Brno chairs.

We are worldwide famous for our love of feasting – perfectly social, exceptionally delicious and always abundant! We host beautiful Wedding Feasts – which can be up to 50 guests over 2 feasting tables. This is also hosted in The Meeting Room – which is transformed for dinner after the ceremony. An intimate and romantic space – set under original timber beams with incredible light from original factory windows.

We are proud to champion restoration, Sheffield craftsmanship, sustainable design and re-purpose of beautiful items throughout our interior. We’ve custom built most of the furniture you see inside The Chimney House – including the incredible 20 foot long table that serves as The Chimney House’s ceremony altar and feasting table. We created it from 8 different types of reclaimed timber – from mahogany, oak, panga panga, iroko and rested the top on cast iron legs that we reclaimed from a sewing machine factory. We fill our building with beautiful furniture with Sheffield and English provenance for a wonderful feeling.

We recycled original building materials and sought out true Sheffield artisans and craftsmen to complete the transformation in brick and timber. We paid homage to the skill and care from the past and placed reverence and respect in equal messages when it came to addressing how we moved hand in hand with heritage and today. The Chimney House is an ode to sympathetic building restoration and responsible design matched with a sustainable heart.

We’re a family business. We’re proud to be originally independent and grown from hard work and imagination. Every step of the journey for planning any event with us is filled with bespoke consultations and expert care.



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