Wow! You decided to get married, renew your vows! Congratulations! If you want something extra-special to celebrate, you’ve come to the right place.
Every ceremony or celebration that I create is unique to the individuals I’m working with. I love the element of fantasy and I love the way that the perfect celebration makes people laugh and cry at the same time. The showman in me loves the performance and the geek in me loves the detail. My celebrations are grounded in proper research and the deepest possible understanding of how ritual works.
I love the stories and the poetry; I believe in the beauty of language and that it has power, especially when it’s allied to the right symbolism.
I’m entirely non-judgemental. I’ve conducted LGBTQ+ friendly events and polyamourous handfastings. I specialise in themed events – so whether it’s the Lord of the Rings, GoT, Harry Potter, any period in history including Iron Age (Celtic), Viking, Medieval and Regency, pirates, steampunk, zombies (e.g.), I can help. I can adapt books, film and tv scripts into wedding or funeral services. I can be a fully-armoured knight in a castle or a ship’s captain.
There is no limit to where I can perform your celebration either. I’m happy to travel!
I have over 30 years of experience in writing and delivering great celebrations. I have been an actor, presenter, writer and poet. Where will our imaginations take us?

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