Hello, I’m Silvya, an Italian born photographer in love with her new home, Scotland, offering my heart, my vision and my professionalism to the bride&groom to be who are planning to tie the knot in this beautiful country I’m happy to call home. I have recently got married here, as well, and considering what I went through, with a DIY wedding on a budget, I decided I wanted to offer affordable packages to my future clients, so I came up with some customizable offers which will give you high quality services, as being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to cut off on the quality of what you’re getting, right?

I offer pure wedding reportage. This means that during your day, I’m never in the way, never bossing you around telling you what to do and where to look.. I’m not taking your attention away from your friends, I’ll just leave you live all these moments, as it should be.. I’m just there to capture what happens as it unfolds in front of my lens.

I’ll usually include post-ceremony portrait sessions as default (where I’ll guide you through some natural poses) as these are the pics that you’ll probably want to frame the most and it’s a way for you to unwind and enjoy the intimate moment as husband and wife after the pressure (and the guests) is gone.

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