You are real people, free spirits, madly in love with each other. You are looking for a minstrel, a storyteller, with the evergreen desire to narrate your love story with creativity and an imaginative touch. Right? Here I am!

I am a wedding photographer based in Florence (Tuscany) and Rome, available worldwide. You can find me wandering wherever there is to explore the beauty of human connection with the aim of creating visual memories.

My style and approach is purely as storyteller. I am eager to capture raw emotions, authenticity, feelings as naturally as possible.

Reach out, I’m curious to know if I’m the perfect fit to photograph your Big Day! Just tell me a little bit about yourself and your dreams: let’s go create something really special together!

Wedding photography isn’t just about amazing pictures. It’s about moments. Moments become memories, memories become stories and stories become legacy. This is my mantra.

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