The traditional skills of the jeweller handed down over decades are still in use in our workshops in Scotland, where stylish, elegant and exquisite jewellery is produced throughout the year before being sold and admired across the world.

Scot & Earl take great pride in the designers, manufacturers and suppliers who contribute to the jewellery we have in our range. Every piece being handcrafted or produced in Scotland before being sent onto its future owners with the same passion and pride we take in everything we produce.

Many of our designs are produced and crafted through client consultations, using fine diamonds or precious gem stones, which are sourced only from trusted ethical and approved suppliers/partners. We provide a full bespoke design service too, where master patterns or one-off pieces can be created from a simple customers drawing or sketch.
Transforming them into personally designed individual items of jewellery for our clients.
Our enamelled ranges can also be produced in colours to match almost any colourways.

Just a few things are customers have said about Scot & Earl

“Innovative design, caring craftsmanship, impeccable quality and exceptional customer service”

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