• There is something special about paper; maybe because of its ability to create an illusion of depth through nothing but one simple sheet. Pop Up Occasions specialises in fully bespoke pop up and 3D wedding invitations made to fit your specific requirements.

The couples we’ve worked with have come to us seeking unique and non-traditional wedding invitations that will ‘wow’ their guests. We work with them throughout the whole process from conceptualisation, design and through to the production of the invitations.

We pride ourselves with being able to offer a fully bespoke service at an affordable price through small batch production runs. Maybe you have a stunning venue you want to make into a pop up, or have a garden themed wedding that you want to depict in your wedding invitation 

We’ve got you covered!

Our invites are not only made to impress your guests but are also wonderful keepsakes to treasure for years and years to come!

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