Since my sixth birthday, when I received the gift of an instamatic camera, I have been hooked on photography and its ability to freeze moments in time. Growing up in beautiful Malawi – the Warm Heart of Africa – gave me a great deal of inspiration and many photographic opportunities. I have had an interest in photography ever since, a passion that has grown, over time.

I am an experienced artistic photographer and have been lucky enough to have photographed a great number of special occasions and events – weddings, baptisms and parties, as well as every day moments, for a number of extraordinary people.

I love to work  with natural light, and prefer unposed, candid shots, which really capture the ‘essence’ of the person. I feel honoured and so very lucky to have been entrusted with this mission, unobtrusively telling your unique stories.

My photographs are artistic and have a narrative, freezing special moments in time – enabling them to be viewed and displayed – the memories being re-lived for many years to come.

If you like my work, and think that we could work well together, please contact me to discuss hiring me for your special occasion. I am based in Surrey, but am happy to travel to other locations within the south east of England.


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