Welcome to L Warwick Phtotgraphy!

Hi, my name is Luke and I’m a relaxed wedding photographer. I cover the North West, North Wales and I may also sneak over the border into Yorkshire occasionally.

What is a relaxed wedding photographer? Well, I’m a pretty laid-back person and I’ve been told I put people at ease. I find that when couples and their guests chill out, great natural photos follow and that’s what I’m all about.

I do also love to take great portraits, but I’m very conscious that this is your wedding day, not my fashion shoot.

Relaxed – I’m pretty laid back and approachable. I’m polite and respectful of your guests and I definitely don’t use a loud hailer to set up a group image. And you know what, I think this reflects well in my images – my candid images of your guests are relaxed, un-posed and natural.

Beautiful – First and foremost, your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life and you want your images to match. I work tirelessly to find flattering, creative and interesting light and angles so that your photographs reflect how special and amazing your day was.

Modern – I like to photograph what happens on the day and how people interact with each other. I don’t rock up with a massive list of must-have cheesy images written for Cosmo in 1994 that has just been rehashed ever since.

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