English elopements in Spain

What if I told you that you do not have to wait for a registrar to legally marry you before having a beautiful ceremony in the Spanish sunshine?!?

I am Debbie Skyrme, award winning celebrant officiating bilingual destination weddings, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies in southern Spain.

As a former UK registrar who has lived in the south of Spain for many years, I can advise you how to come to Spain for a stress-free elopement, wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

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How can I elope to Spain?

When you understand that a marriage and a wedding are different, a whole new set of options open up to you!

You can legally contract your marriage before, during or after your wedding.

This means you can elope to Spain for a beautiful stress-free symbolic ceremony in the sunshine without having to wait for a registrar’s appointment!

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Can I get married in Spain?

Unless one of you has Spanish citizenship, getting legally married in Spain can be very frustrating.

One option is to get legally married on the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar – then walk over the border back into mainland Spain. Simples!

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But remember that your marriage and your wedding are different.

You can contract your marriage in your own country and still have your wedding ceremony whenever and wherever you want…. with whomever you want!

A reduced guest list means travel is easier, decisions become much simpler and your budget goes further!

For more information on all of your elopement possibilities, visit my dedicated elopements page

Warm wishes, Debbie xxx

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