⚜️David’s Cigar Bar⚜️

🏅A Nominated and Recommended supplier at a few Venues in Kent🏅

I offer a luxurious experience, that is comparable to none and I offer cigars that aren’t available in the UK

The couple receive a cigar each of their choice from the bar and the couple get a percentage of the money made from sales after 10 cigars have sold.

I set up from 12pm till midnight to give your wedding the full days use of the cigar bar

Cigars prices range from £2 to £45 a cigar depending on the cigar, Guests purchase their own cigars as this makes it a lot cheaper then buying boxes of cigars.

I bring over 600 Cigars – Cubans, Non Cubans, Flavoured and Sweet cigars.

The bar is attended by myself and one other person at no extra cost. I also provide recommendations and knowledge about the cigars, cut and light the cigars aswell so guests get the full pleasure and enjoyment of the cigar

I cover any additional costs such as accommodation to keep overall cost lower


Packages are available upon request. only area I don’t cover is Northern Ireland.

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