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Hi if you’re looking for a Close Up Magician for your Wedding, who’s based in Cardiff South Wales?

Someone who has years of experience as a Wedding Magician?  Who regularly performs Table or Close up Magic across the country. Someone who can mix and mingle with your guests, of all ages?

And assist in keeping the day going? As many may be meeting for the first time, so he can help by acting as a “Social lubricant” with his unforgettable Close up magic performances.

Well welcome you have come to the right place.

I’m Carl John Close up Magician and Mind reader, and I’m here to make your big day memorable for you and your guests. With a blend of stunning Close up Magic, and Mind Reading for your Wedding, My performances are unique in that I can perform for any one and its not all Card tricks, there are a few but not many.

I can also perform with things at the venue if I need too.  So whether its perfoming as a Ice breaker or Table to table magic? I have you covered.

And like all my performances my Close up Magic and Mind Reading is Light funny and never at the audience’s expense, that would be ungentlemanly. If you have a theme for your Wedding and wish to incorporate it ? please let me know. And I will do my best to bring your idear to life.

Wedding Entertainment Pacakges
Bronze (The Photo Bit) 60 minutes (with 30 mins free) 90 mins in total

Carl John Wedding Magician will perform Close up Magic at the tables, interact and amaze the guests keeping the party perfect and keeping the dead time to a minimum. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings.

With my Close up Magic I have an amazing amount of flexibility and can adapt my Close up Magic performances for almost everyone of any age.

So whether is Table Magic or Strolling Magic going from group.

Everyone can get involved and enjoy the day. Something special for the top table.

From £290

Silver (Magic in the middle Drinks and Wedding Breakfast) 2 hours

Table to table Close up Magic with amazement. For every Table and of course. Something special for the top table.

Everything in the bronze pacakge just more of it.

From £300

Gold Drinks/ Reception/ Table Magic. 3 hours For The couple who want the best?

This contains the Silver package and the Bronze, and you have the option of a stage performance of incredible “Mind Reading” with your guests taking part in an unforgettable show with hilarious audience participation.

And I can also preform fun and light Palm and Tarot readings?

Or act as a master of cermoneys for the big day.

So now you have read what I do, so why not get in touch with me today for a non-committal chat and I can send you a bespoke quotation for your wedding?

From £500


Contact me for more information


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