Tie The Knot’s Amazon favourites

Introducing our brand new page featuring our favourite Amazon wedding items!


As you know, Amazon is well, enormous  and it can take lots of your time to select the products you are seeking without having to trawl through lots of, erm, unsuitable products,  shall we say!! 

Tie The Knot Wedding Directory is now an Amazon Influencer,  no less! 



We are proud to be on their programme where we do the searching for you!

The products on our page have all been personally selected as our favourites and sorted them into categories for you. I know, you can thank us later guys…


Take a look and let us know what you think.  


We can check out more categories and items; let us know what you are looking for and we will find gems for you to take a look at.   Here’s some of our finds…. 


   Ring Cushion                                                        Great, affordable gift                                       For The Groom








* Please note: If you do choose to buy any of the lovely products we recommend checking out, we may receive a small commission from Amazon.  Just wanted to make sure that’s okay with you guys! 


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