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Guestbook is a new digital guestbook service that allows your guests to record personal messages for you and helps you to gather all of the photos and videos your wedding guests have taken throughout your special day. Through the Guestbook private gallery you can keep more memories of your day to look back on.

With Guestbook you can keep all of those candid, special moments that might otherwise have been lost. Our app makes it easy for guests to upload messages, photos and videos just for you.

  • Your guests’ messages saved digitally.
  • An accessible record of your day.
  • Your private gallery for one place for all of your guests to share photos and videos.
  • Free Android and iOS app which your daytime and evening guests can use.

Normally £50. Introductory offer of £30 for the Guestbook service.

Get 10% off with the discount code: tietheknot

We developed Guestbook for use at our own wedding in 2018 and we love looking through all the photos our guests took and rewatching their messages. Since then, we have fully developed the app and website to ensure the best service possible for your special day. Guests catch all the moments that you miss throughout the day and evening and we want to help you capture and keep those memories.

Personalise your guests’ app experience with a logo tailored for you from £10. Feel free to use this logo throughout your wedding, like on your invites.

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Or call: 07535737098

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