Don’t Get Married to an Unsuccessful Wedding Plan
No two weddings are alike (we see you, Sixteen Candles-themed wedding lovers), but that’s why you have to find a wedding plan that bosses you around.
You’ve got a lot going on, so don’t be scared to hand it over to the experts. We aren’t going to send a real live human to your house, but we’ll send over the next best thing.

Open the door to Edition:Bride, a wedding planner for stressed brides-to-be.

The Edition:Bride is a guidebook it’s not only a place to jot down notes, save memories, and add comments from friends, but it’ll be your best friend for your whole planning experience.

Edition:Bride will take your dreams and help guide you to the most whimsical, beautiful, and fun wedding.
Hear what you should never do when planning a wedding.

Get a play-by-play for planning your wedding.

Your forever dreams of having that “perfect” wedding didn’t actually include the planning. And I’m willing to bet things are getting a little wild in the planning department. That’s why we created Edition:Bride.

It’s for those women who want to have it all without spending their wedding budget on a planner. Because you still gotta pay for the flowers and dress and gifts and…on and on.
And you still have to have money left over for that celebratory champagne, amiright?

So what are you waiting for?

Snag your Edition:Bride today, and celebrate your love the right way.
Planning your wedding is going to be so much easier when you have…ya know…a plan!

How else are you going to wrangle all the bridesmaids together for a perfect party, hire a brilliant photographer who can capture that stunning dress, and do it all without donning the Bridezilla hat (but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a woman who knows what she wants).

Most women think that the biggest challenge is time, but that’s not actually correct. The biggest obstacle to planning the perfect wedding is putting in the time. And with Edition:Bride, you won’t have to worry about much. Follow the steps for a perfectly planned, perfectly you wedding…without the headaches.

One click to a headache free wedding.

With Edition:Bride, your princess-wedding-day dreams are achieved.

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