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David Fung – Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle

Your Special Day

There’s one thing that every couple wants for their wedding day – and that’s for everything to be perfect! Yes, everything!

Don’t worry, it will be!


Sometimes (often!) events don’t run to time. A wedding can be a long day for everyone and there are always times when some guests are left waiting for the next item on the agenda. So here’s a great reason to ask David along. He works to keep your guests happy and entertained, even when unexpected things happen.

Hold-up in the kitchen before the sit-down meal? He’ll keep everyone relaxed and until the second the food hits the table!

Nervous best-man before his speech (which is bound to be a hit!)? David can perform a quick trick to focus the energy of the room before introducing the best-man to a fantastic and reassuring round of applause.

But don’t worry!

Your wedding will be perfect, no matter what – because it’s your special day!

About David

In this digital age there’s not much mystery left in the world – until you watch David Fung perform. David’s own unique brand of magic, a combination of the classics infused with a modern twist, is guaranteed to leave you mesmerised and scrambling for answers.

As a lifelong student and performer of the art of magic, David brings a collection of polished routines and showmanship to his performances, whether in up-close magic or on the stage. As an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle and having performed at a wide range of occasions from corporate events to children’s parties and everything in between, you can ensure your guests are left thoroughly entertained when David enters the room.

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David Fung, Magician, performs in Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, the East.. and the rest of the UK.

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