Bridal Treasures Ltd is a stunning boutique exclusively selling new designer wedding dresses off the rail. We run by private and personal one – one consultations and our excellent service, knowledge of wedding gowns and great expertise in selecting the correct gown for your body shape is second to none.

We work with an in-house independent seamstress who has many years in the business, working for high end boutiques in London,  including Harrods. She is able to alter and customise and dress and make it the perfect fit

We are the only boutique on the island selling designer gowns of the rail, and our stock is always in exceptional condition. Buying off the rail eliminates long waiting times for your gown, and brides will purchase the actual dress they fall in love with.

We have a wide selection of styles and sizes and offer great prices so there really is something for everyone.

Our boutique also offers accessories such as veils, tiaras, jewellery and shoes so our brides will see the full and finished bridal look.

We aim to make every bride feel special during her consultation, and use our very professional service and knowledge to achieve the ‘bridal moment’ and give a fantastic bridal experience, not only for the bride herself but for her entourage, who’s opinions and presence is incredibly important to this buying experience. The wedding dress is the single most important purchase of clothing a bride will make, and it is important that it is ‘the one’s. We believe that brides should buy from the heart and have an emotional connection with the dress, and we work hard to deliver exactly that.

Selling off the rail does not make Bridal Treasures any less attractive than other bridal stores, we are an exclusive, beautiful and inviting boutique with exceptional service for all our brides.

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