About Me

I am a storyteller, confidant, mentor, creative, artist, modern day medicine woman, rites of passage facilitator, ceremonialist. Whatever you want your ceremony to express, I create, so that its intention reaches way BEYOND the ceremony.

Your day is the start of something greater, bigger, bolder, its the expression of the voice and life you wish to live from now on.

Its about who you are, your day is all about that, THAT is immense.

When I was a teenager, I had my first encounter with earth based spiritual practices and shamanic ceremony and experienced my first Rite of Passage of many.

Ceremony really changed my life - empowered me, showed me where my connection was.

Ceremony is to me a powerful, creative and accessible way of honouring life, both a process and a tool of personal transformation.

I believe that focusing on the uniqueness of each of us brings out something to celebrate, because we each have something beautiful to both nurture and share, that being different is where the real magic is, the true soul and spirit that gives us the fuel to share inner with outer.

There are so many things that make my heart sing! I am greatly inspired by love of the planet and the richness of different cultures. I love my beautiful family, vintage clothing, chocolate, coffee, Frida Kahlo, Gogol Bordello and Prince and of course ritual and my own shamanic practices.

Originally from Chile, my rich diverse fusion of cultural experiences feeds into everything I do. Authenticity and the richness of an individual identity together with self expression is EVERYTHING.

I was a Workshop Facilitator, Homeopathic Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner and Mentor for 20 years prior to focusing on ritual and ceremonies. I have worked with and developed life changing tools and psychospiritual processes helping people through huge personal challenges, as well as assisting in empowering people to both identify and celebrate their gifts. It is my ability to listen and empathise which has enabled me to truly understand.

Today my medicine-woman/shaman work - an integral part of my ceremonialist work - is about sharing soul medicine, the transformational practice of the forever evolving soul through beautiful, profound and meaningful ritual. I was creating ceremonies for ten years but it was when I did my formal celebrant training with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling that I followed my calling fully and all the pieces of my experience came to a place of assimilation.

And in true spirit of rebellion and creativity, nothing is as we have assumed it to be, having the courage to break from convention, life becomes about a different way, about being free, joyous, bold and conscious.

Angie x
Ethical Celebrant. Ceremonialist. Medicine Woman