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  My wife Sara and I performed hundreds of these shows with Opera Arias, Duetti, but also Neapolitan and pop songs, like “Con te partirò” and “Adagio”, and we have gained a great experience with a wide variety of public of almost all nationalities from European, Chinese, Korean or American


Elopements and Destination Weddings – What is so great about them? In October last year I married the man of my dreams… in Madeira, Portugal. Neither of us is Portuguese, and we do not live in Portugal. I did not want to elope, since I did want my closest family

I wasn’t prepared for the reaction when we walked into the Ghillie Dhu. We just looked at each other and said what do we do now!

The wedding of Tom and Karen who were married at the St Ives Harbour Hotel was blessed with some beautiful weather. Neither Tom or Karen were from the area but St Ives held some special reasons or memories for them to make the decision to get married here. Both staying